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Farrah Fires Latest 2016 Video action:​  I am keeping it fresh as I can on You Tube I found something very special this minute for you today in my true music genre of Hard Rock n Roll !!! Yes I  put a slide show in video form from a back in the day to a past show I pulled out of my archives... 

Recording  of a Show off the fabulous soundboard at CBGBs  Live in 1991 .. Here it is a song I wrote and sang in one of my previous band lineups. The song is called ' Time Will Tell '...

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March 26.2018

I'm posting a few more screenshots below from the Darkness City Video above the previous screenshots I posted a while back. The video for "Darkness City" got really dragged out time wise because I had to start editing the whole thing from scratch again since my computer crashed and I lost the original programs forcing me to learn new ones. I took it as an opportunity and went in a slightly different direction with the technology  and the result is getting cool man. So here is a little taste of what is to come. Also I went to Vegas in January and was in a video at the porn fest talking to different people with my friends from Reality Check TV... so when I get my hands on that footage something will go up from it on my Farrah Fire You Tube Channel. I figure as long as I'm still in the exotic Industry I might as well. I was a Band singer when I got recruited into the topless go go industry with no intention to do it longer than 2 months. It was 1989 and I was working for a producer who had promised  to help my band but really he was trying to take control of my career viewing me as simply a tool for some crappy dance music and was not respecting my artistry as a rocker. I was band singer seeking control of my artistic direction not a dancer who wanted to sing. Now you may think dancing is like selling your soul but believe me there are worse ways to go  although alot longer than two months has past and there was no other better part time job so here I am still in the life.

Yeah this delay may be a blessing in disguise but ya know how life is ya got to pace yourself and as for me I may be one of the most ultimately distracted people ever but ya know that is the way I roll because there is so much in this life to enjoy especially the simple stuff.

 Farrah Fire Actor Reel 1990- 2014    This Actor reel spans 2 decades. Part one is an interview I did with Danny from Reality Check TV in Las Vegas about performing at the famous underground club CBGB'S 100 times in NYC as a Singer while also working as a Dancer in NYC and the tri-state area. I was invited to represent the Adult Welfare booth alongside John Holms late wife and some other porn victims and people in the porn business and was asked to do my first Hard Rock performance since 2001at the porno cementing ceremony. Thus starting up my singing career again this time solo, the interview took place in 2009 at the AVN expo... Part 2 is a small piece from one of the Gino Blak Hip Hop videos I acted in where I play a psychiatrist filmed in 2014. Part 3 is a rap video acted I and did some voice in with "Power of Attorney" a group of Lawyers produced by Mia Mind Music in 1990 that created a video to protest of people trying to infringe on the 4th amendment right of Freedom of Speech in the music business.