My single "Darkness City" played mainly in the Rock & Pop Rock category on internet radio from  8/4/16 thru 8/22/17, due to a positive listener response reached 72,289 plays!

The video for Darkness City is in production, when complete the single Darkness City will go to town  again to rock you in the form of a mini movie !!!

Finishing the video for Darkness City is taking longer than intended but the positive side to delays offered me an interim to develop a project I have subconsciously been working on for years...even in my mind's eye as a child, I saw this one... Using my psychic nature, my art, intuition and a weird little true story I wrote I am spontaneously working on building up footage for a project that is a combination of my dance job a vortex and some spirits... the above link to the Rockstar portraits is partly the inspiration for this project ...

​​If you're wondering what the band looked like at the time we recorded Darkness City in 1993? Here's a picture of the band line up in the recording. The drummer is the lunatic me the nurse and the 2 Drs. are the guitarist and bass player who have since moved into a "normal" life. Still, rocking the drummer and I continue on with a different bass player and guitarist who I will reveal when it's time. Below that photo is a photo of my first band in the time period of 1986 where I initially wrote the songs that led to writing "Darkness City" around 1988.

July 7, 2018      Check the video page because the 1st official Farrah Fire music video "Darkness City' has been released !

         CURRENT NEWS       March 23,2018

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Darkness City is a song I wrote in the late 1980's as a Art Rock n Roll song falling into an Alternative category back then. Later I recorded it around 1993 with John Lynch the same drummer who I am working with now in Farrah Fire. We  recorded Darkness City in  NYC with producer Genya Ravan who was in the CBGBs movie and is famous for producing the "Dead Boys" a 70's band. We received heavy airplay on 400 college and regular radio stations with the whole album which went to Heavy Rotation on every station after 2 months but I stopped the promotion completely broke but semi satisfied at least that I knew I had something cool and truely Rock n Roll. Stuck to the NYC scene playing local shows till 2002  after that I went underground and focused on Art. Most everyone around is running some sort of a game and it took along time for me to get comfortable with that making my circle smaller . Now many years later I begin again this time to follow thru on my unfinished business with Rock n Roll ready to Rock free of all the chains that were shackling me before. 

      The single Potion Master is began its journey on internet radio Sept.2017. Potion Master is originally from the same record as Darkness City my previous single that is currently in Video production. Potion Master is on the internet stations below under my name Farrah Fire in the ROCK / POP ROCK CATEGORY so far my single Potion Master has received 34,885 spins and is on Heavy Rotation and expanding due to positive listener response. I will keep adding to the list of stations so you can follow the link on your hometown internet radio station and request Farrah Fire. 

Click on any of the radio links below and request the Farrah Fire song  "POTION MASTER"

​ ​The Potion Master single artwork with a painting within it I created from the time period I wrote the song "Potion Master". The Artwork is to celebrate the release of "Potion Master" which is now available on Reverbnation. I put a link on my homepage of this website to my song "Potion Master". "Potion Master" is from the same album as my song "Darkness City" recorded in 1993 but written around 1992 a bit later than "Darkness City". My intention to put my song "Potion Master" out there was a promise I started a time ago sincerely then stopped it, now I follow thru with that promise primed and ready to go whatever it is that I must go...no back out this time and I will follow up with a video to "Potion Master" too. Cannot wait!

Roots XR Radio Nashvile, Tennessee USA

Roots XR Radio Memphis, Tennessee USA

Roots XR Radio Dallas, Texas USA

Roots XR Radio Austin, Texas USA

Roots XR Radio Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA

The Pearl Of Asia Bangkok, Thailand

The Pearl Of Asia Singapore, Singapore

The Pearl Of Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Pearl Of Asia Jakarta, Indonesia

The Pearl Of Asia Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Force 5 Radio Istanbul, Turkey

Force 5 Radio Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Force 5 Radio Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Force 5 Radio Karachi, Pakistan

Force 5 Radio Baghdad, Iraq

WZHT Hit XR Toronto, Canada

WMHT Hit XR Montreal, Canada

KVHT Hit XR Vancouver, Canada

WHTO Hit XR Ottawa, Canada

 KHTE Hit XR Edmonton, Canada

Arc Radio Network Barcelona, Spain

Arc Radio Network Madrid, Spain

Arc Radio Network Lisbon, Portugal

Arc Radio Network Ibiza, Spain

Arc Radio Network, Monaco

Amp XR RadioTampa, Florida USA

Amp XR Radio Miami, Florida USA

Amp XR Radio Atlanta, Georgia USA

Amp XR Radio New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Amp XR Radio Memphis, Tennessee USA

WSTR Star 100 Rio De Janerio, Brasil 

WSTG Star 100 Guadalajara, Mexico

WSTP Star 100 Panama City, Panama

WSTS Star 100 San Jose, Costa Rica

WSTJ Star 100 Kingston, Jamaica

Funk XR Radio Paris, France

Funk XR Radio Berlin, Germany

Funk XR Radio Hamburg, Germany

Funk XR Radio Vienna, Austria

Funk XR Radio Bern, Switzerland

The Beat Chicago, Illinois USA

The Beat St. Louis, Missouri USA

The Beat Indianapolis, Indiana USA

The Beat Cleveland Ohio, USA

The Beat Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

KVLC Volt XR Capetown, South Africa

KVLC Volt XR Johannesburg, South Africa

KVTL Volt XR Lagos, Nigeria

KVTE Volt XR Cairo, Egypt

KVTM Volt XR Casablanca, Morocco

Muse Radio Moscow, Russia

Muse Radio Warsaw, Poland

Muse Radio Budapest, Hungary

Muse Radio Sofia, Bulgaria

Muse Radio Kiev, Ukraine

T- Pulse 200 Radio Tokyo, Japan

O-Pulse 200 Radio Osaka, Japan

C-Pulse 200 Radio Hong Kong, China

M-Pulse 200 Manila, Philippines

S-Pulse 200 Singapore, Singapore

KMIX Radio Los Angeles, California USA

JXFM Radio Tokyo-Extreme FM Japan

WNYR Radio New York, New York USA

WMBR Radio Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

WCTR Radio Chicago, Illinois USA

KPLX Power XR Los Angeles, California USA

KPSX Power XR San Diego, California USA

KPSE Power XR Seattle, Washington USA

KPPX Power XR Portland, Oregon USA

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA

KSPR Power XR San Francisco, California USA

KHLV Hot XR Las Vegas, Nevada USA

KHTD Hot XR Denver, Colorado USA

KHSL Hot XR Salt Lake City, Utah USA

KHTS Hot XR San Antonio, Texas USA

Jam XR RadioSaonPaulo, Brazil

Jam XR Radio Mexico City, Mexico

Jam XR Radio Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jam XR Radio Lima, Peru

Jam XR Radio Santiago, Chile

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA

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