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                          About the Art page

Elin Hunter aka Farrah Fire  Live Art performance Art Fine Art, Post Psychedelic Surrealism.  At the Top of this page, you will find a link that leads to my fine Art website. The main art news and the original first piece hand drawn and painted forms of all art related to Farrah Fire is there on display in a Art show along with other deep Art from current and previous series that are art for the sake of Art. I welcome you to take a trip over there :) 

Here's some back in the day flyers from those gone times that left a flyer behind, sometimes a recording, a photo here and there and rarely a video. Although I mainly make art for arts sake I always have made the art for my band at the time, and that was the beginning of when my art and music crossed paths.

Choose the red & blue pill ​and follow the Link to Fine Art website rabbit hole;